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End Date:
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Freq Recurrance:
 1y - every 1 years
 2m - every 2 months
 4w - every 4 weeks
14d - every 14 days
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  1. When using months periods (Nm) and next calculated date exceeds days in a month, the date is thereafter modified.
    example: recurrance 1m on 31st hits 30 day month, then uses 30 thereafter, and again when it hits February, using 28 thereafter.
    This does not affect year (y), week (w), or days (d) periods.
    This is an artifact of work being performed via "add period to last date" - when Feb 31st is encountered 'addMonths' function in date.min.js returns sane date.
    A fix is not immediately apparent and affects a small slice of data moving certain items up to 3 days earlier.
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